Get started with Tekos Bot

This guide will walk you through the creation of a movie app, after following the steps below you will be able to create chatbots in few minutes.

Step1 : Visit Tekos Master bot

Applications are created through our master bot with the following link:

Step2 : Create an account

To create an account, all you have to do is to click on “My account”

Then click “sign up” and fill the form with your credentials, we may need to verify your phone number before activating your account , so make sure you have your phone beside you ;)

Step3 : Create an application

After signing up , the bot will ask you if you like to create your first application, click on “Create App From Scratch”

Step3 : Create flow

When your app is ready you will get the following message

To be able to manipulate your chatbot you need to start with creating a new flow, click on “Add Resource” then click on “Create Flow”

To make sure no one can access your flow , you need to add a username and password.

Since your app can become an installed PWA in your users mobile, we are making sure that the flow name is unique.

Click on “Create Flow” and you will get the app ready to use in few seconds

Click on the view icon in the right and log in to your flow

Step4 : Hello world

Create a hello world chatbot to test how your chatbot works

All you need is to drag and drop from the panel at the right the three nodes: hanna in , hanna out , and the text node.

Double click on the node to see its configuration, for example in hanna in/out node you can see a configuration attached , if you click on the edit icon you can see the following application setup, where you can edit your application infos and visit the link to talk to your bot.

You can update your app logo url and the start message,

The “start message” is invoked each time a user opens the application , and it is intercepted by hanna in , by default it contains the text “start” , you can check the message to see if the user send start so you can provide send him your welcoming message.

You can also disable “start message” feature by removing the text “start”

Now you can close the config and click “deploy” then visit the url of the app (will be different one with your app name )

Step5 : Get movies list

To get the movies list we need to use the following technique:

  1. Get the list of movies

  2. Looping throughout the list to get movie entry id

  3. Get the details of each movie

  4. Merge the details into a generic template and return the result to the user

The following flow explains how it works:

To get more details, you can import the flow from the library and look into the details.