General overview

What is Tekos ?

Tekos platform has the building blocks to create conversational apps, including:

  • Chat bots

  • Voice bot

  • Conversational Apps (website, chat widget, progressive web app)

Tekos provides a simple way to create conversational applications, or smart bots, using a visual programming interface. That make it easy and fast to extend, share and customize your chatbots.

Tekos bots connect to a number of APIs to access external services and resources, and communicate with users through various text and speech platforms.

User interfaces external platforms such as Tekos PWA web messenging, Facebook Messenger, Slack, SMS, and others which are coming soon.

TekosFlow can be used in conjunction with other tekos platform ressources:

  1. Tekos NLP: our intuitive and interactive natural language processing engine that keeps track of context in conversations. See tekos nlp.

  2. CMS: a headless content management system to store and manage data

  3. Analytic (coming soon)

  4. Agent Handover (coming soon)

The core concept is to provide you the best combination of pre-configured templates with initial setup depending on your use case, see tekos templates.

If you like to start building a basic chatbot right away, get started with tekos bot will walk you through the process.

What can Tekos offer ?

A messaging service

Tekos messaging service gives you the ability to interact with your users by using a set of rich components with interactive interface,

our web components can :

  • Optimize your users experience with custom interface

  • Provide a mobile PWA chatbot with your logo

  • Handle user authentication and push notif subscriptions automatically

  • Pre Built analytics and conversation history

  • Voice and sentiment analysis are already there

An easy integration capability

Using APIs and custom addons, TekosFlow connects to other Enterprise systems. You can extend the functionality of TekosFlow using custom functions. The possibilities are endless.

You get to use your favorite tools with Tekos , bring your bot with simple clicks.

This method makes you able to extend your chatbot use cases, try new features easily without worrying about compatibility issues,

There is no need for migration process, all you need is to integrate the system:

If you use NLP platform , you can integrate the API with our flow nodes

If you like to use messenger, slack, smooch or any other messaging platform , you can not only integrated but also turn it into omnichannel.

If your bot communicates with your private API , our flow node HTTP can act as a reverse proxy to better handle your requests and keep track of your data.

Shared libraries and templates

We’ve been building chatbots for almost two years and we are providing a ready to use basic apps that covers multiple scenarios for many use cases, see flow library

Isn’t that a skill like alexa skill ?

It’s more than that, a skill once installed it can’t be customized , our templates are easy to customize and they will carry your brand when you use them.

You can always import a chatbot template for free, extend it or just use it for your service. Here is a small list of shared apps

Community support

Tekos community members are very helpful , don’t hesitate to ask us anything in our slack channel we will be glad to help

Tekos platform Architecture

As explained before, the platform is organised in microservice architecture. Each resource is responsible of a specific task.

The platform is organised in resources, TekosFlow is the core orchestrator

TekosBot is the conversational App that manage tekos ressources and subscriptions.

When creating an app, you can add each ressource independently.

For example for a basic lead generation application, here are the options:

App v1

App v2

App v3

App v4

Flow (1)



NLP (4)

CMS (2)



NLP (3)

(1) Leads infos arestored in the CRM ofyour choice, orgoogle sheet, slack, or sent to you via email (2) You can use our CMS or any other entreprise system to store users and client infos (CRM, ERP,..) (3) You can either user tekos NLP or other 3rd party NLP, it's fine for us (4) You can also use ressources without using

TekosFlowTekos platform Microservice Architecture: Monolithic approach vs Microservice approach