Tekos Addons

The philosophy of Tekos platform is to provide a core product organised in independent microservices called ressources. Each added feature will be an addon.

Tekos addons are grouped into three main components:

  1. Kits

  2. TekosFlow Nodes

  3. TekosFlow Library Templates

  4. NLP Skills

  5. CMS schemas

They can be used independently or in combination, the main idea of providing the set of tools is to give you a preconfigured templates to manage most common use cases.

Tekos Kits

Kits are a set of preconfigured ressources packaged in a business App, such as:

  • Ecommerce

  • Recruiting

  • Lead generation

  • ...

TekosFlow Nodes

Tekosflow nodes are very important element in Tekos projects, they are custom for you. If your data is managed with a custom REST API, and you like to access it and manage it with your chatbot via the flow, we can build a specific api nodes that can handle your apis.

Tekos Flow Library Templates

Flow templates are presented as a set of nodes to manipulate the flow and give you a full control over your data.

Tekos NLP Skills

Nlp Skills presents a set of trained intents and entities that you can import into your chatbot. It can be integrated in the flow with nlp node . They can be imported inside NLP dashboard and updated with the interface.

We will publish our NLP Skills soon , make sure you stay in touch in our slack channel

Tekos CMS Schemas

CMS schemas provides a set of resources to store and manage a complicated relational models , for example, if you are building an ecommerce chatbot and you want to be able to store your products , users , variants , orders … and manage their status with API calls , you have a ready to use samples of data models and apis documented for a particular use case.

CMS schemas are not like the other templates they can’t be imported or exported, instead they are installed and configured automatically from our internal template library. When you start to create a template based project or create a cms with a template option inside, Tekos Master Bot will handle the setup of CMS Template.